Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moving right along

Hooray. Got the sweatsuit done and it looks kinda cute if I do say so myself. I'm not good in black near my face, but I think the royal blue balances it out. I'm glad that's done and I can move on to more fun things. Pictures will follow!

Which brings up the next major project. I had decided that I wanted to do a prom dress for Allison. Junior prom she wore Nicole's dress from a prior prom, and she is like 5'1" and Nicole is like 5'7"... she looked beautiful but I figured she needed one of her own. I just happened to find some hammered gold silk on one of the web sites clearance items, so got that, and have several options here to make a jacket to go over the dress for dinner, etc. I've been toying with my ideas for several months, and VOILA... just like that it's time to get out of my head and start DOING!

Prom is April 30, and I want to be sure everything is exactly right. BUT of course, I'm adapting a pattern I found, and I had just organized everything into bags with pattern, fabric, etc., and Martha, our German Shorthair found the pattern for the dress and ate half of it. For whatever reason, way beyond my comprehension, she loves eating paper, and tissue paper is like the prize. So now I have to go find another copy of the pattern in her size, a Vogue that costs $15!

I've given her several jacket options, but she needs to pick one, and can't visualize the way it will look so I'm going to do a musline for each. That way I can check size at the same time she's seeing what it will look like. Now all I need is a bit of time to make this happen! LOL

So tomorrow I think I'm sewing all day. This morning I got the first jacket muslin cut out, and then had to head to a continuing education class. That took the rest of the day. Tomorrow I hope to put this one together and get the next one cut out. We'll see how things go!

Pictures will come soon, I promise!

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