Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time flies

Busy week again. I love having the work, hate that it takes all of my personal time away.

I did get to put together one of the jacket muslins for Allison's prom outfit. She came by and tried it on yesterday (spring break!) and liked it, so that's good. Although the dress may be morphing into something totally different. She's decided that seniors wear short dresses and not gowns, but will talk to her friends and see what they are all wearing. Sara brought me a dress she bought at a thrift store to hem for her, so that needs to be done too. She's very much liking vintage clothing circa 50's to 60's and it suits her long, lanky frame quite well.

Today will give me a little time to work on some other projects besides the prom gown. Today is Sunday and I've decided that other than doing bills and paperwork, the day is mine. Dale is now working super long hours in Stockton, so will pretty much sleep all day. Last week started at 2:30 am on Monday as he had to be in Stockton by 7, and ended about 9:30 Friday night. We did get to take a ride yesterday out to one of my jobs to verify position of well and septic tank, then had lunch, but that's pretty much it for him on a weekend like this. He'll be getting up at 2:30 am again tomorrow, so is planning to sleep most of today to be ready for tomorrow.

I have french bread rising and a pork roast in a slow oven so he'll have food for a couple of days. We've been doing this for a couple of weeks and it seems to be working pretty well. I cook a big meal on Sunday with plenty of left overs and make bread, then he'll take a couple of days worth of food in a cooler so he doesn't have to eat at Denny's for three meals a day for a week. Seems like he's feeling a bit better and has lost a few pounds, so I guess it's better for him too. Do need to run out to Whole Foods and get something to go with the pork roast for dinner. For him, probably roasted potatoes, for me, maybe the same, or maybe polenta, which I love. Then I'm make a cabbage-carrot-apple slaw and we should be good for several days. :P}}

I also need to figure out what I'm doing for Sara for her birthday. Perhaps just a pair of sweat pants, but perhaps a dress. Need to see what I have that would be suitable.

Fun day for me, so I better get moving!

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  1. Hope it was a wonderful, relaxing day! I'm looking forward to seeing the prom pix.