Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little behind myself

Haven't been doing much blogging lately looks like. But I have been getting in a minor amount of sewing here and there.

Cathy took me and the girls to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for a birthday present surprise, but we had to wait a bit because everyone was sick off and on and trading around. I'm pretty sure either one or both of us posted pictures on Facebook. It was truly a wonderful day.

Moving right along, my February outfit got done, but I don't have pictures yet. After the last one Dale took, I'll be asking someone else to take my photos for my blog in the future. I don't like looking twice as huge as I already am!

So anyway, the February outfit was a black jacket (Version 3 of the pattern) and pants out of a twill from Joanns. Won't use that type of fabric anymore as it was awful to work with, and it was off grain and I never did get it totally right. The jacket is getting close. I forgot that I need to add extra length to the front sections for the fleshy mounds in addition to the width. So next try will add about an inch in length to the center front, and narrow down to nothing at the side seam. I also added a little too much to the width, so need to take the next one in a bit, and will add about 1/4" at the shoulders for shoulder pads. I need those to balance out the rest of me even if they are little ones with current styles. I also did a tee in a pattern of reds, black, grey, magenta, pink, and brown that will go with tons of stuff. I have some other black and various blue prints to make up too, but those are waiting for now. Version 4 of the jacket is coming soon!

Right now I'm playing with something I haven't done in a long time. This may be my March outfit if I don't get anything done before the month is up. I need some sweatshirts and thought I could sew up a few quickly with sweat pants to match. Then maybe if I have a cute outfit, I'll feel more like walking every day...ROFLOL! So this sweatshirt is a vintage Kwik Sew Pattern 2133... judging from the date on the back, if my Roman Numerals are correct, it's from 1991. Hmmm... a 20 year old pattern I'm still using. What does that say about me? Or maybe that sweatshirts just don't change THAT much! It's a raglan sleeve pattern which is what I wanted for this sweatshirt.

I had some royal blue sweatshirt fabric I bought for exactly this purpose. But evidently I didn't buy matching ribbing, or I used it for something else, because I don't have it anywhere I can find it. So I figured I'd just use black ribbing. But then I want it to look like it was planned, and not used just because I didn't have the blue, even though that's the reason. So I've been letting this stew in the back of my brain for several days, and VOILA! I thought about doing some decorative flat locking across the front of the sweatshirt in black, and doing a stripe of black down the legs. Easy to do, and it'll look a little more polished and like it's a design feature instead of an error.

So off to put my sweatshirt together and get the stripes cut for the legs of the pants. I'm a happy camper now!

Hopefully pictures of both outfits before the week is over!

February Flowered Top:

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