Friday, August 12, 2011

Guess I need to change the name now!

Well, lots has happened in the last few months. Not much sewing, but lots of other things. We're in our "pre-retirement" home now. Moved to Suisun City with an 18 month lease to be sure we're where we want to be before we go ahead and actually buy a place. Don't need any more mistakes at this point in our lives for sure!

Today I'm finally starting my super new jacket. I got to be the "model" for a fitting class at ASG in June and our instructor got my sleeves and collar adjusted on my muslin to fit my own unique shape and body. And then she did a few more things also to make the fit of the entire jacket even better. As of now, I need to incorporate her changes into my pattern and then I'm off.

Have a beautiful blue and green silk tweed, and I found a fantastic silk charmeuse lining that matches wonderfully. This weekend I hope to start cutting out and tailoring my new jacket. I'll try to keep you posted!

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