Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two weeks into the new year

So, I've been working on things. Lots of things. Unfortunately, I have to do 56 hours of continuing education every four years for my license renewal. Need to send in renewal in the next two months, and SURPRISE! I realize that I have a total of 11 hours completed. So guess what I'm going to be doing the next couple of months! LOL

I started my first online class and am about half way through with the 5 hour class. Most of my CE will be online, but I'm doing a live class in San Rafael this week on Wednesday. I will leave home around 10:00 am and get back around 9:00 pm... long day! I think Dale will be in Stockton, so I'm going to have to get the girls to come by and feed the dogs and let them out, etc. on Wednesday. The rest will be fit in around work and sewing time.

I decided to give myself two weeks to get things together before I started on my new year. It was needed and it helped a lot. I did get thrown another sidestep this week though. We have everything ready to go on buying our house except one letter I need to write. Call NACA to schedule our appointment, and WHAM! They have lost all of their mortgage consultants except one, have a 400 loan backup, and won't even put us on a waiting list to meet with someone. The woman who answered the phone said call back in April... I almost started to cry, but then figured there's a reason for everything. I guess I will need a little more time to get ready for the move. Hope the house I have my eye on is still there... I am visualizing getting the house I want for the price I want to pay... It works! I saw an article on a woman who won the Lotto doing exactly that... so my visualization is smaller than hers, so doable! LOL

Got the serger back on Monday, but didn't have time to do anything with it. Dale was home all week with no work, so it takes me a lot longer to get anything done. I did get my jacket sewn together and realized it must have been cut out before September because it will mostly fit my 25 pounds ago body, not the one I have now. So yesterday I spent the day re-drafting for version 2, adding to the body and the sleeve width, and shortening the sleeves A LOT! I know my arms are about 1" shorter than would be average for my height, but I had to shorten the sleeves a total of about 3 1/2"! Any tall people, look to Simplicity... the sleeves should fit without alterations...

I needed some instant gratification sewing this weekend also. So last night after doing the jacket draft, I pulled out my favorite tee shirt pattern, Pamela's Perfect Tee, and redrafted it to current measurements. This morning got it cut out and have the first one just about half done already. Maybe will do two or three today before I tackle the jacket again.

I always have issues about making things for the current body, and want to "save" all my fabulous fabrics for the body I want instead of the one I have. Luckily, last night I was wandering around the sewing blogs, and found a woman who has it all together. Her blog is called Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. She's a large woman who makes what looks like an outfit a week and loves her clothes, and herself because she always looks great. She inspired me! I'm moving forward with my clothes for now...

Along that line, I've moved closer to my goal. I'm 2/3 of the way there, which is fabulous! THANK YOU GINGER for helping me decide how to succeed. To that end, I've been more conscious of what's going into my mouth, I'm doing more cooking of great tasting low cal foods, and enjoying my dinner for a change. That's all good. Anyone interested, Cooking Light this month has twenty five low cal chicken recipes that mostly sound fabulous!

Pictures to come of the new tees.

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